Sept, I’m back

And wod 3, heavy step off a box and left side lower back lights up.   Wait the weekend.  Rehurt during more weighted stepups

Feeling better now, but need to fix.   Ug

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August: repair month

Emom:  3 thrusters.  3 pullups.:

Was my last sighting at the box.    
Did something to the collarbone, was tight, then sore,.then painful,.couldn’t sleep,  couldn’t move properly..

It was as if my age met my match.  Or vice versa.   

11 days later since that little video clip I woke without pain.  Yay

I tried running to fill the gap, no dice.   Even that hurt. 

Can’t wait til sept1!

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Week 10, Wod 1

A. Box Squat 3 reps on the min for 8 mins @ 65% of 1 rm BS *Same set up as last week
3 Thrusters @ 95 + 3 Pullups
Class Metcon later

A: 175# box squats.

10EMOM: 3 thrusters and 3 pullups. first 5 rounds: the pullups were unbroken. FINALLY!
was a little sloppy on the next 5 rounds, would get 2 kip pullups, and then lose the 3rd. (swing too much, was dropping straight down on the 3rd)

ran a 1mile in 9:52.

The mile felt pretty good.

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Before and Now . (2007, 2014)

On the far right.just me

Year 2007: That was 263lbs.

Back story:    I went to a funeral for a friend.   he was 40ish and heavy.   then Another guy a year later died at 40ish.  he was fat too.    probably too small of a statistical scale but it was enough for me to realize I needed to change.

I was reviewing my financial needs and realized, i needed more life insurance.    Thats when i got the blood and weight results and they said, “we can’t insure you at a preferred rate, you’re blood and weight are too high.”

blood panel was 260Chl-(160-39), 296 Trig.


somehow/somewhere I found KETO   and started eating low-carb.    i watched about 10lbs fall off the first few weeks and then 4 to 6 lbs a month after that.     I was feeling better,  but i wasn’t feeling bad to start.  I didn’t want to die.

The wife thought highfat/low carb was a bad medical idea,  but that was strictly based on the Ancel Keys BULLSHIT we were taught from the 1950’s food tree.

I got new blood results 2011

( 212Chl 148/40 150 Trigs )

and she chilled.    That was from literally just changing how I ate.     I was still the same low level inactive, (no regular exercise)

I was no longer jammed into my size 38 or 40 work pants,  so i knew i had gotten smaller.

I started doing MMA at a local dojo.   was a good school until it wasn’t    KETO and MMA was not the best combo.  but i made it work for a while.    Switched to Paleo.

Then started crossfit,  2 years of that so far and love it.

Starting weight loss, MMA and then crossfit in the 40s is tough.   Its just ROTTEN at times.



Nov 2014:  210lbs  (yes, the shower was running)


My personal goal is 190lbs.   I’ve been floating at 205lb to 215lb for about a year now,  i’m sure a little fat has been replaced from encouraged muscle.


I thought it was pretty neat looking at the wear patterns on this old belt.

thats my story for now.

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week 9, wod 2 and 3

Wod 2-
A. C+J up to a tough double *Quick reset after first rep
B.1 Front Squat 3,2,1,3 rest 1 min
B.2 Weighted Pullup 4 x 2 reps rest 1 min
C. DB Neutral Grip Bench Press 4 x 6-8 reps @ 31×1 tempo rest 90 secs
Class metcon

a This i liked, weight was good, tough double for c&j was 170lbs, no misses building
b1 front squat. 185, 205, 225, 185 (225 was PR)
b2 used 22lb weight vest. stricts
c. 135, 155, 165, 165

felt great after wards. metcon’d at home. blackjack. (21Pushups->squats 1-20 -> 20-1 )

Wod 3-

A. Snatch 8-10 singles @ 75-80% of 1 rm *Work on catch and full squat
B. Snatch Balance 8 mins of building singles
15/12/9 reps
DL @ 205
Bar dips

warmed up for a long while, that collar bone crunch is back, got rid of most of it with lacross ball, band, and 5lb plate. Have appt with Shane tomorrow.

A. did a bunch of extra snatches with lighter weight. 75#, 85#, 95#. then 125# for the singles. everything was sore and tight even after a long warmup. but 125 was moving fine. didn’t get deep in the hole at 125. I probably should have dropped to 115# for a deep squat catch.

B. snatch balance. dropped to 95, worked back up to 115. Shoulders were burnt out. failed 2 times coming up from the squat, finally got the 3rd attempt.

15/12/9 DL were good at 205, bar dips were non-existant in quantity. eventfully did negatives.

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Week 9, wod 1. New program

After life, travel and family, I’m back at week 9

8 rounds of 3rep box squats.   video
First round I was leaning back after sit,fixed that

Stayed tight…felt good. 

8Min amrap 3pullups, 5 thrusters.@85lbs.   Thrusters were good, muscled most of the presses with a light bump coming up.  Did not pause to the press. All one motion.   Definate improvement on thrusters.   Was raising up on left heal slightly. 

Pullups were pretty good.  Got many unbroken reps for all 3.  But would fail chin over bar on third….. Ricky apparently was my judge.   

8 rounds, 2 pullups in the 8min

At 845pm at home, marked 200meters in street.. ran the 5 round 400M metcon.   10:22

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Week 7/8 deload

3X2 c&j at 70%    155#    worked on fast elbows and getting into false grip landing on shoulders. 

Front squats. 165#

1 weighted pu@ 26#    4 strict.   Dropped to 20#kb,  4 strict for remaining

30 strict t2b.     Broke Down in sets of 3 or 4, down to doubles and singles.    

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