Week 9, wod 1. New program

After life, travel and family, I’m back at week 9

8 rounds of 3rep box squats.   video http://youtu.be/1VirhK7Imns
First round I was leaning back after sit,fixed that

Stayed tight…felt good. 

8Min amrap 3pullups, 5 thrusters.@85lbs.   Thrusters were good, muscled most of the presses with a light bump coming up.  Did not pause to the press. All one motion.   Definate improvement on thrusters.   Was raising up on left heal slightly. 

Pullups were pretty good.  Got many unbroken reps for all 3.  But would fail chin over bar on third….. Ricky apparently was my judge.   

8 rounds, 2 pullups in the 8min

At 845pm at home, marked 200meters in street.. ran the 5 round 400M metcon.   10:22

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Week 7/8 deload

3X2 c&j at 70%    155#    worked on fast elbows and getting into false grip landing on shoulders. 

Front squats. 165#

1 weighted pu@ 26#    4 strict.   Dropped to 20#kb,  4 strict for remaining

30 strict t2b.     Broke Down in sets of 3 or 4, down to doubles and singles.    

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Week 7, testing

Back squat.  255#
Tweaked the knee so skipped the amrap.  Hour later it’s okay, but was cautious.

Bench press.   Warmed up, the partnered with Rob
135, 155, 175, 185, 195, 205.  PR at 195!

Pushups.  21 unbroken
Bar dips.  7. 

Did 7 single kipping Pullups,  and tried a ring muscle up.  Wheeee.  Nope.   Can get horizontal at least. 

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Injury, back, one week later + 1

Overall sore from Doms, nothing worrisome.    Back to a reload next week. 

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Injury, back, one week later

Don’t crossfit, do a back workout, power cleans and then clean pulls at 1Rm, then spend that afternoon gardening. 
One bad nights rest. 
One bad day of ice and heat
Then Shane, the master

One week later, some passive stretches at home, a light warm up at the box and light weights workout

95# back squats
95# front squats.
45# snatch balance
95# push press
Barbell good morning.
95# barbell good morning.
Barbell bent over rows
95# barbell bent over rows

Every.motion, tight core.  Even picking.up a plate or the water bottle, tight core. (Shane said)

Then 5 rounds of 10 pushups and strict Pullups.   30Sec rests. 

I feel good, back feels the same (good) as before I started this morning.

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Strength week 6, day 3. (6 weeks, damn!)

I didn’t want to be there, i was tired,  i was up late due to stomach pains from who knows what and i felt just ‘meh’

I took a look at my weights for Push Press and Push Jerk.   Jerk was less than press.   no idea how THAT happend.  As I finished up the workout I i got a couple small PRs  go figure.

Wod 3-
A. Snatch Grip to Knee x 1/Snatch *From knee x 1/Snatch balance x 1 every 75 secs x 7 sets *Small builds but perfect form
B. Clean Pulls 4 x 3 @ 100% of 1 rm clean
C. 3 Position Power Clean work for 10 mins *weight is moderate *floor x 1/below knee x 1/Above knee x 1
D. Push Press x 1/Push Jerk x 1/Split jerk x 1 Build to a tough set

A: spent extra time with this to get control for the squat, lots of 75# and then worked up to 95, then 105 for the snatch balance. did 105 3 times, then a few more just to work on form. first PR, 10#

B: Clean pulls. 185# last 2 sets were sloppy and explains why my lower back is sore now.

C: started at 155#, was completely a mess, dropped to 135#, still a mess. took a long break, and put a belt on. Was able to build back up to 155 and was moving the bar properly.

D: 135, 135, 145, 155, 165. 2nd PR 10# on the push jerk (which is weird as it was less than push press) Complex was tiring. did all cleanly.

Ran a couple miles today, and I'll start week 7 test week on tuesday. I'm going to hit the metcon monday.

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Strength week 6, day 2

Wod 2-
A. Power Clean x 1/Clean x 1/Split jerk x 1 every 90 secs x 7 sets *Building
B. Front Squat build to a tough double @ 34×1 tempo
C.1 Strict Pullups 4 x 60 sec amrap rest 1 min
C.2 Ring rows 4 x amrap rest 2 mins
D.1 Banded Good Mornings 3 x 20 reps rest 30 secs
D.2 Front lean rest on rings 3 x max hold rest 30 secs
NO Class metcon!.

Wod 2-
A.   155,155,160,165,170,175,180.  New PR for squat clean.   I think I’m pulling a little too early still before the shrug.  

B.   185 start for 2sets, 190, 195 for 1,  did two more singles at 195. 

C.1.   Got 3 unbroken, into 4th but didn’t make it up.   8,6,5,6
C.2.   16, 15, 13, 11
D.1.    Tiring.  
D.2.    About 30 seconds each

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